About Us


Canoeing Down Under is the acclaimed Paddle Sports business of Terry Bolland, a highly qualified and experienced canoeist. Terry has been kayaking for 43 years in all parts of Australia and the globe and he still going strong. Terry celebrated his 26th Avon Descent this year. As well as paddling thousands of kilometres in all parts of Australia, he has paddled over 20,000kms in North America.

Terry has been an Australian Canoe/Kayak Instructor for 37 years and has trained and encouraged thousands of canoeists to achieve their goals, and excel in the sport. In August 2005 after being part of the Canoe Association for 28 years, Terry was awarded Canoe WA Life Membership. In 1989, 16 years earlier he was awarded Life Membership to the Ascot Kayak Club in recognition of the voluntary work he had undertaken over the years in instruction, organisation, and administration. Terry is still committed to both state and club activities.

The adventurer in Terry has led him into extreme and unconventional expeditions taking him to some of the most remote regions, testing him physically and mentally.  And although Terry has excelled in kayaking, he has also achieved some remarkable feats in walking, backpacking and cycling. Check out his achievements on next page.

Canoeing Down Under sponsor many kayaking/ski events including the Avon Descent, the John Sims Race, the City Lights Race, the Enduro Race, the Nanga Challenge, the Bevan Dashwood Race, the Caple Descent, the Epic Downwinder, the IOP Downwinder and several more.

Canoeing Down Under are proud to sponsor several junior athletes, Coran Longwood, Josh Kippin, Anthony Carbone, Monique Carbone, Ben Pope, and Liam Quick. Several other juniors have also been assisted.

CDU also raised $4000.00 in 4 weeks for an autistic child. CDU is committed to help and sponsor the sport of paddling and have also given many kayaks away to canoe clubs.