acheivement The adventurer in Terry has led him into extreme and unconventional expeditions taking him to some of the most remote regions, testing him physically and mentally. Visit the Trips and Expeditions page for more details and reports. And although Terry has excelled in kayaking, he has also achieved some remarkable feats in walking, backpacking and cycling.

Check out Terry’s List of Impressive Achievement:

  • 1979 World Record for paddling 220.8 kms in 24 hours
  • Senior Australian canoe/kayak Instructor in Flat, Whitewater and Sea for 37 years
  • Principle assessor of Instructor Courses in WA between 1986 – 2000
  • Competed in 26 Avon Descents
  • Paddled the entire length of the Missouri River 4000kms
  • Paddled the entire length of the Yukon River 3300kms
  • Paddled the entire length of the Mississippi River 4000kms
  • Paddled the Athabasca,the Slave and the Mackenzie Rivers 4000kms
  • Paddled nearly 4000kms across Canada using rivers and lakes
  • Paddled the entire length of the Blackwood River 500km
  • Paddled the entire length of the Murray River 2500kms
  • Paddled, cycled and walked 24,000kms around Australia
  • Paddled, cycled and walked 16,000kms around the USA
  • Paddled 6000kms in his 60th birthday year
  • Completed five, expeditions – kayaking and walking around the isolated Kimberley coast, fighting huge tidal currents and often being chased by crocodiles and sharks. Broome to Mitchell Plateau 100 days solo. Lake Argyle, Wyndham to Mitchell Plateau 54 days solo. Drysdale River Expedition. Derby to Prince Regent River and return to Broome 65 days. Around the Kimberley Expedition, (kayak, mountain bike, run 3500kms) 91 days.
  • Best Results in Avon Descent are 2nd and 3rd – Open K1. Not just intent on completing 26 Avon Descents, Terry makes it harder. In the past he has:
    • Run to the start of the event and then entered the race and paddled a single Canadian
    • Kayaked from Bayswater upstream against the current to the start of the event, and then entered the race and raced back to Bayswater.
    • Kayaked from the source of the Avon River to Northam, entered the race and then at the finish, paddled on to Fremantle
  • Terry is Author of 6 adventure books –
  • Canoeing Down Under (the Basics & Beyond) An Instructional canoe/kayak book
  • The Long Way Home (A 24,000km walk, cycle and kayak around Australia)
  • Kimberley Challenge (A year paddling along the Kimberley Coast)
  • The Avon River Guide (Maps, information and photographs of the rapids on the Avon River),
  • A Race Along The Way (A 3300km Journey down the Yukon River)
  • Three Rivers to Tuktoyaktuk (A near 4000km journey down the Athabasca, the Slave & the Mackenzie Rivers)
    • 1991, commissioned by the Northern Territory Canoe Association to train, advise and examine their senior instructors.
    • 1995, commissioned by the Ministry of Sport and the Asian Sporting Relations Council to train the Malaysian Rescue and Technical Teams in River Rescue Skills
    • Field Worker and Instructor with Western Ventures and Westrek- Youth development through a 24 day Outdoor Program (self discovery), for young offenders and youth at risk.


Some of Terry’s Other Major Expeditions

    • Perth to Shark Bay (including a 30 hour, 180km paddle along the Zuytdorf Cliffs in 30 knot winds and 3 metre swells).
    • Cape Leveque, across the King Sound and around the islands of Cascade, Cone, Strickland Bays to Cockatoo Island and return to Cape Leveque. It was the highest tides of the year when we crossed the Sunday Straits. Terry encountered huge tidal currents with speeds of 20 kms an hour.
    • Completed a 16,000 km unassisted walk, cycle and kayak around the USA, through 30 states. (Paddled the full length of the Mississippi River, 4,100 kms in 35 days, unassisted.)
    • Completed a 24,000 km walk, kayak and cycle around the remote parts of Australia. (Paddled Australia’s longest river, the Murray 2500 kms, in 21 days.)
    • Completed many shorter expeditions, paddled most of the WA coastline and several areas in the eastern states, including Cooktown to Cape York, around Hinchinbrook Island, Fraser Island, Whitsunday Islands, in and around Sydney and the NSW coastline.
    • Walked across the Gibson, Great Sandy and Simpson deserts. Cycled the Tanami Track, Cape York Track, across the Nullarbor Plain. Walked 900kms from Wilson’s Promontory through the Victorian & NSW mountains to Mt Kosciusko, and the Overland and Western Arthur Tracks in Tasmania. Walked in Queensland and extensively in the Kimberley and other West Australian areas.
    • Walked in the USA. 800kms on the Appalachian Trail, 400kms of the John Muir (PCT) Trail, and around the Grand Canyon area. Cycled 10,700kms. Paddled the Mississippi River.
    • Paddled from Geraldton to Kalbarri. Walked from Kalbarri along the Zuytdorf Cliffs to Steep Point. Paddled from Steep Point to Carnarvon via Dirk Hartog, Dorre and Bernier Islands.
    • Paddled around the Peron Penninsular. Francois Peron National Park, from Denham to Monkey Mia.
    • Paddled to and along Dirt Hartog Island 3 times.
    • Paddled along the Ningaloo Reef