Introducing CDU

Canoeing Down Under, offers the Paddle Sports Enthusiast a one-stop shop for EVERY need, from a large range of Canoes, Kayaks, Skis & Accessories, expert instruction and training delivered by highly skilled and experienced instructors.Terry Bolland’s Canoeing Down Under is the ‘Hub’ of the Paddle Sports Community in WA. Visitors to the retail store at 6 Moojebing Street, Bayswater, are quickly learning that the comprehensive advice and reliable, honest service that Terry and his staff offer is invaluable to them and their pursuits.

Phone: 0893781333. PO Address 6 Moojebing Street, Bayswater. WA 6053. Shop location turn off Guildford Road onto Moojebing Street. Check map under Shop Location.
Opening Hours: 9.00am to 5.30pm Mon to Fri. Sat 9.00am to 2.00pm.

Terry is one of the most qualified and respected Canoe/Kayak Instructor and paddler in WA, a very experienced expedition paddler who has undertaken amazing trips and expeditions in Australia and overseas. Terry is always keen to share his experience and knowledge with everyone- from the beginner to the advanced paddler. Everybody has something to learn and gain from Terry.  Some of his achievements include:

  • Competed in 25 Avon Descents
  • Author of 6 adventure books
  • Paddled the entire length of the Mississippi River (4000kms)
  • Paddled the entire length of the Yukon River (3300kms)
  • Paddled the entire length of the Missouri River (4000kms)
  • Paddled the entire length of the Athabasca, the Slave and the MacKenzie Rivers 4000kms
  • Paddled 3700kms across Canada
  • Paddled, cycled and walked 24,000kms around Australia
  • Paddled, cycled and walked 16,000kms around the USA
  • Paddled 6000km in his 60th birthday year
  • Has held the world record for paddling more than 220kms in 24 hours
  • Won several awards and contributed so much more to the sport.  Check About Us for all of Terry’s achievements.

Agents for: Epic Kayaks, Spirit, Adventure Kayaks, Australis, Grafton Paddle Sports, Ocean Kayaks, Mirage, Mission, Jackson, Safari, Native Watercraft, Finn & Necky.